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"I am a former Personal Trainer and Athlete trying to keep my body in the best physical shape possible, after an auto accident left me unable to compete anymore.  I have been a Body Balance and Massage Client here for 4 + years.  My Neurologist recommended Dawn Melody due to her extensive training in Orthopedic Injury Rehabilitation, Manual and Exercise Therapy.  During each session we discuss what is currently happening with my body and she guides me with new exercises, and together we balance my muscle hypertonicity. Afterwards I feel the change in how my body moves and my pain is greatly reduced if not completely eliminated!" ~ TIna Cedar Park, TX 


"I work in a fast paced, stressful job which requires me to travel often.  It wasn't until I was in Austin and had a Body Balancing session that I became aware of the toll, all that sitting was having on my body.  Not only was I living with one leg several inches longer than the other, I was also starting to look much older than I was because of my forward-headed posture.  DM is great!  She took the time to explain and demonstrate how to correct this and also did targeting muscle work, which was amazing!" ~ Kay L. 


"I have been an athlete my entire life, swimming, cycling, running and my body was always in some sort of recovery pain.  But then I started having regular Body Balancing sessions and that has made all the difference in my training.  I now recover more quickly and have minimal pain between session! For anyone looking to up their athletic game, this is the type of body work you Need!" ~ John T. Georgetown, TX


"I am an athletic woman in my 50's and I have received many Massages BUT I am so Grateful to have found a Massage Therapist who is so attentive to my body's alignment.  She even showed and recommended several stretching techniques to help keep me balanced between sessions."  ~Nancy C.  Georgetown, TX


"My Reflexologist referred me to, Body Balance by DM, after she noticed an abnormality in my foot arch.  Upon inspection DM found that one of foot arches was not supporting my body weight the way it should have, due to the way I had been walking after a recent knee surgery.  Even though I went to Physical Therapy to strengthen my knee muscles, there we never addressed how I was compensating and changing the way my foot hit the ground while walking.  DM assessed my walking gait and guided me through exercises to strengthen my ankle, foot, and lower leg muscles so that my foot correctly and equally now balances the weight of my body!" ~ Debra Cedar Park, TX   


"As a Mother's Day Gift my Daughter scheduled a 90 minute Session, in my Home, with the Owner and Practitioner of Hands On Healing Therapies.  She is Warm, Knowledge, Kind and a Wonderful Therapist!  Not only did she help relieve my aches and pains, she even taught me self-care techniques to reduce the tension in my shoulders and lower back.  I have bought gift certificates for friends and I highly recommend!" ~ Lydia S. Lago Vista, TX


"After a Lumpectomy, Double Reduction and before a two month round of Radiation I started receiving weekly Massages. My scars healed quickly and my Spirit was Lifted with the Endorphins Elevated in my body. I'm so grateful a friend put me in touch with these Amazing Therapists!  They are highly skilled in what they do! They even make house calls during surgery recovery!"  ~ Anna C. 


"I visited the Round Rock/ Pflugerville Wellness and Education Center and I immediately felt at ease. Dawn Melody and her staff are friendly, the environment is unpretentious and the Value is Incredible! Thank you for creating this space in such a convenient location!"  ~ Selena M. 


"As a Teacher for PISD this place is a Gem! I have been several times since they opened. They also always honor a special discounted rate for School and Healthcare Employees!  This is the only place I will go from now on!" ~ Amber B.


"I found this place through Google group referrals...My Hot Stone/ Aromatherapy Massage was Luxurious and Relaxing! I whole heartedly recommend anyone in the RR area take advantage of the Extremely Reasonable Prices.  What a Great Value!  Support Local Businesses in a Women-friendly, Safe and Clean Environment!" ~ Julia R.  




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